Welcome to the dental practice of James A. Miller, DMD. Dr. Miller is a general dentist in Hillsboro, OR who offers incredible patient care with high quality cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry. Services include veneers, crowns, dental implants, bone grafting, IV sedation, regenerative gum surgery, and more. Dr. Miller and his highly-trained staff also perform dental surgeries on-site. No matter what your dental needs are, you can count on excellent restorative and cosmetic dental results with Dr.  Miller.

Like a fingerprint, everyone has a smile unique to them. Because of this, Dr. Miller offers his patients comprehensive, customized care that is a result of an ongoing dialogue with each of his patients.  Dr. Miller engages in a relentless pursuit of the best continuing dental education (over 400 hours in the last two years) to be able to offer the best dental care options available.  Plus his unwavering loyalty to patients means he doesn’t allow insurance companies to dictate the terms of your care–your treatment should be determined by you and your doctor, not a standardized coverage system!

Perhaps Dr. Miller’s greatest asset, however, is his qualified and friendly team. In order to give patients the best care possible, his team participates as a group in the latest dental training, including advanced cardiac life support, IV administration training and more.


Patient Testimonials

  • tesi

    Dr. Miller is more than a Dentist, more than a Cosmetic Dentist… he is an artist!
    ~ David

  • tesi

    In spite of wearing braces twice and having had a great deal of dental work done, including bonding and crowns, I was so displeased with the appearance of my teeth that I would sometimes have nightmares about them. Then my next-door neighbor started sporting this new, beautiful smile. I HAD to query him. His father, being a perfectionist, had been seeing Dr. Miller who succeeded in completely transforming his appearance!
    ~ Denise

  • tesi

    I had a substantial portion of my teeth crowned to correct my bite and restore teeth 25 years prior to the recent full mouth restoration done by Dr. Miller. I had a conversation with Dr. Miller to discuss the options to correct current dental problems and to replace well-used teeth and restorations. When I made the decision to proceed, I was looking for a functional and healthy mouth. Little did I know that Dr. Miller would turn me into a ‘smile show-off’.
    ~ Gary

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