Dental FAQ

What should I do if the antibiotics cause diarrhea or a rash?
Please stop taking the antibiotics and call the office of our Hillsboro dentist immediately, even if it’s a weekend or at night.
What are probiotics and why do you want me to take them?
Probiotics restore the good bacteria to our digestive system that often times get wiped out with antibiotic usage. Taking probiotics while taking antibiotics helps your system stay balanced and reduce chances of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues.
When can I eat in the area after an implant, bone graft, or connective tissue graft?
For the first month we ask that you do not eat in the area of the bone graft, implant, or connective tissue graft. We will talk with you at your post operative checks about eating limitations and your recovery.
How long should I ice the surgical area?
We send you home with an ice pack that you can refreeze and reuse. Keep ice on the affected area for 20 minutes then take it off for 20 minutes. Continue this process for the first 48 hours after surgery as much as possible.
For IV Sedation, how long can I not eat before the procedure?
6 hours prior to your appointment you can have nothing to eat or drink. If you have morning medications you should take them with a small amount of water. After your procedure there are no eating limitations due to IV sedation.
When can I expect to resume my normal activities, including work?
On average 90% of our patients return to work the next day and are fine taking Advil for any residual pain. This of course is dependent on your individual response to surgery and your compliance in keeping the surgical area iced for the first day.
When can I exercise after surgery?
We recommend no vigorous exercise for the first week after surgery.