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Functional & beautiful results

December 14, 2015
by Team Front End

Problem: Hong came to Dr. Miller because her existing dental work was failing, including a bridge on her front teeth. Dr. Miller’s diagnosis focused on the larger issues such as why Hong’s previous dentistry was not holding up, rather than focusing on only isolated teeth. They agreed on a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach that would restore […]

Improved Appearance

December 7, 2015
by Team Front End

Vicki told us she wanted to improve the appearance of her smile. Her teeth weren’t as white as they used to be and did not have an ideal shape. She had us place porcelain veneers on her front teeth and now has a beautiful smile. She couldn’t be happier.

“Gummy” Smile

by Team Front End

Problem: Denise was unhappy with her “gummy” smile and short, worn off teeth. In addition, the old fillings on her front teeth were discolored and made her smile less bright. Solution: Dr. Miller sculpted her gums and then placed 8 veneers on her upper front teeth. Denise is thrilled with the gorgeous result that changed […]

“Smile I love To Show Off”

by Team Front End

Meghann came to us wanting to redo her smile. In order to accomplish everything that she wanted for her new smile we needed to recontour and reduce her over prevalent gingival display. Then we were able to place porcelain veneers as the final step in her smile makeover. Meghann now has a smile that she […]

“My Smile Reflects How I Feel Inside”

by Team Front End

Sherri’s teeth were too dark and looked worn. In addition, her gums were receding. She wanted a brighter, more youthful smile. We covered the recession with connective tissue grafts and placed porcelain veneers on her front teeth. Now her smile reflects how she feels inside.

Dazzling Result

by Team Front End

Chi knew that her front teeth were loose and asked us to help give her back a beautiful smile. We placed four dental implants and rounded out her smile with porcelain crowns on the adjacent teeth. What a dazzling result.

Show Less Gums & Close Gap

by Team Front End

Problem: Lisa is Dr. Miller’s office manager. She had helped many patients achieve beautiful smiles and decided it was her turn. She wanted less of her gums to show in her smile as well as have her gums to show in her smile as well as have her gap closed and a symmetrical smile. Solution: […]

Dream Smile

by Team Front End

Brenda came to us unhappy with her old front crowns, they were too small, the wrong color, and she displayed too much gums when she smiled. To achieve the best possible result we needed to start with gum recontouring and expose more of her existing teeth. Once that was accomplished we were able to replace […]

Restore Old, Failing Crowns & Improve Function

by Team Front End

Problem: Gary had failing dental work that was placed 25 years prior to finding Dr. Miller. He was interested primarily in a long-lasting result to restore old, failing crowns and improve function. Solution: Dr. Miller restored Gary’s failing dental work with state-of-the-art materials that are designed to combine strength with naturally beautiful results.

Chronic Pain

by Team Front End

Problem: Adam’s poor bite relationship had led to chronic pain in his teeth and jaws, and caused severe wear to his teeth. As his teeth grew shorter and flatter over the years, his smile appeared less youthful. Solution: Dr. Miller developed a plan to treat Adam’s whole mouth. He is pain free with a stunning […]