Cases in Full Mouth Rejuvenation

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Restore Old, Failing Crowns & Improve Function

December 7, 2015
by Team Front End

Problem: Gary had failing dental work that was placed 25 years prior to finding Dr. Miller. He was interested primarily in a long-lasting result to restore old, failing crowns and improve function. Solution: Dr. Miller restored Gary’s failing dental work with state-of-the-art materials that are designed to combine strength with naturally beautiful results.

Chronic Pain

by Team Front End

Problem: Adam’s poor bite relationship had led to chronic pain in his teeth and jaws, and caused severe wear to his teeth. As his teeth grew shorter and flatter over the years, his smile appeared less youthful. Solution: Dr. Miller developed a plan to treat Adam’s whole mouth. He is pain free with a stunning […]

Rejuvenated Smile

by Team Front End

Problem: Tyler presented with very short worn out teeth and multiple fractured fillings from a bad bite. He wanted to rejuvenate his smile and teeth. Solution: Dr. Miller recommended full mouth rejuvenation with porcelain restorations. The result made Tyler look and feel much younger.