Veneers, but not from Ikea

Porcelain Veneers Hillsboro, OREveryone loves to traipse around the Portland Ikea store, heading from fully laid out room to fully laid out room and ending with a plate of Swedish meatballs in the restaurant. Ikea has known for its affordable furniture, and much of it relies on veneers. A dresser will have a thin veneer of a fine wood masking a lesser-looking wood that is making up the structure of the dresser. The veneers cover the wood beneath, presenting a more beautiful impression to anyone looking at the dresser.

Dr. Miller offers veneers, too. Only they aren’t made of teak or other fine woods. Our veneers are made of porcelain, and they cover up tooth imperfections.

What are veneers?

Like Ikea’s veneers on its furniture, our porcelain veneers are designed to cover imperfections on your teeth, things like cracks, chips, misaligned teeth, overly stained teeth, misshapen teeth, and the like. To have those issues fixed with either orthodontics or even implants could take years and be extremely expensive. But veneers present a perfect smile to the world by covering up those flaws with beautiful porcelain.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that are applied to the fronts of your non-molars. They even out the teeth, present a dazzling brightness, and mask imperfections.

How are they applied?

Before we place veneers, we usually want the teeth as close to their natural color as possible. So, if you like your daily latte or three, we may first want to whiten your teeth to remove stains on the enamel. Then we use a color chart to match the color of your veneers to the natural color of your adjacent teeth that won’t receive veneers.

First, Dr. Miller prepares the teeth for veneers. To do this, he removes a very thin layer of the outer tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. Once the enamel has been shaved down on the teeth receiving veneers, we take digital photos and impressions to send to the lab for the creation of your veneers. While they are being created, Dr. Miller puts temporary veneers on your teeth.

When your veneers are finished and arrive at our offices, you return for a second appointment. Dr. Miller first checks the color match and fit of each veneer. Once satisfied, he then permanently cements the veneers onto the fronts of your teeth. Now your smile is a beautiful thing for all to behold!


Porcelain veneers last around a decade. At that point, you’ll need to have a new set of veneers made and placed. You can’t opt not to have veneers again once they are originally placed, due to the enamel that is removed during the first application.

Interested in a perfect smile without months and months of dental procedures? Call Dr. Miller at 503-640-9310 and let’s talk about porcelain veneers.

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