Whitening Beyond the Top of Mt. Hood

In Oregon we’re used to the white stuff atop the towering volcanoes that accent our landscape. But some of us, either because of what we eat or drink, or medicines we have taken, don’t see as much white when we check our teeth in the mirror. We see stains and yellowed, dull teeth.

Sounds like it’s time for teeth whitening with Dr. Miller.

Why are my teeth stained?

teeth whiteningJust like our skin tone, the color of every person’s teeth varies. Beyond these inherent color differences, teeth are also stained by drinking red wine, coffee, tea, even some juices. Smoking darkens the teeth, as does the simple process of aging.

We prefer in-home whitening

You hear a lot of hype about in-office whitening treatments, claiming miraculous whitening in just one visit. To attain serious whitening instantly these treatments use extremely harsh hydrogen peroxide solutions that can make your teeth sensitive afterwards. Plus, their price can be pretty high. Dr. Miller doesn’t feel the results merit the high price.

Home whitening

Instead, we offer in-home whitening. First, we take impressions of your teeth to have a custom-fit tray created for your teeth. This fit maximizes the efficacy of the bleach gel. Patients need to wear the tray for 20 minutes a day for about a week. Piece of cake! The gel and the custom tray that we provide make our in-home whitening far more effective than over-the-counter options.

Although some unscrupulous dentists claim they can whiten teeth up to nine shade, those results are highly unlikely with a person who has had normal dental hygiene over their life. Two or three shades is really a significant amount of whitening.

How long will they stay white?

Whitening can last up to three years, dependent, of course, on what you eat and drink, and if you smoke. Most of our patients do a yearly touch-up using their custom trays.

Interested in getting whiter teeth? Call us at 503-640-9310 and let’s take about our whitening program.


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