Take-Home Whitening, Not Pizza

Teeth WhiteningPortland is such a beautiful, happy place that we think people probably want to go out and smile about it. But if their teeth are stained from all the coffee we drink, they may think twice about flashing their smiles. And that’s a shame!

At our practice, we’ve found that take-home whitening is the way to go for our patients. It’s the most comfortable, affordable approach to giving you a bright, beautiful smile.

Why are my teeth stained?

Just like our fingerprints, everyone’s tooth color is just a little different. Plus, teeth become stained by drinks such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Certain berries can stain the enamel. Smoking darkens the teeth, as well. The simple process of aging also makes your teeth become more yellow.

Why not in-office whitening?

You’ve probably heard hype about in-office whitening treatments that boast about glorious results in just a single one-hour appointment. To achieve these results, these treatments use incredibly harsh hydrogen peroxide solutions that can make your teeth very sensitive. Plus, these treatments are quite costly.

What is take-home whitening?

We generally recommend our patients have a regular professional cleaning prior to beginning their whitening program. Then we take impressions of their bite to create a custom-fit tray that maximizes the contact of the bleach gel on your tooth surface. Once the tray is ready, you pick it up, along with the whitening gel and instructions on what to do. You then wear the tray for just 20 minutes-a-day for about one week. Piece of cake. Preferably red velvet!

While you may have heard claims of whitening up to nine shades, those claims are likely bogus. After all, improvements of just two to three shades are dramatic. Whitening is individual, depending on the structure of your enamel, the natural tint of your teeth, and other factors. Our goal is to make your teeth their whitest, while still having them look natural. Surely you’ve seen celebrities whose teeth are so white they look fake. That’s not our goal here.


Are you interested in getting your teeth brighter and whiter in just 20 minutes at home watching House of Cards? Call Dr. Miller at 503-640-9310 and set up a consultation about take-home whitening.


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