You Can’t Shout Out These Stains

teeth whiteningWhile various stain removal products are continually touting removing stains from your clothes, what about your teeth? With the amount of coffee we drink in Portland, it’s impossible not to stain our teeth. Fortunately Dr. Miller provides an excellent at-home whitening program that whitens your teeth easily and effectively.

Why do my teeth become stained and dingy?

There are many reasons our teeth become more yellow over time. First off, everyone’s innate tooth color is different, just as our skin and hair colors all vary. Beyond initial color differences, we stain our teeth with beverages such as coffee, tea, and red wine and with foods such as raspberries, blackberries, and even dark chocolate. Smoking also darkens the teeth. The final factor is simple aging. As we age, our teeth naturally start to yellow more and more.

What about in-office plans I’ve heard about?

Some dentists tout their “in-office” whitening programs, saying they will lighten your teeth up to nine shades. First off, that degree of whitening is doubtful at best. Plus, these treatments rely upon extremely harsh hydrogen peroxide solutions that can make your teeth very sensitive afterwards. And the price of these treatments can stain your wallet!

Dr. Miller believes at-home option is best

Instead, Dr. Miller offers an at-home whitening program. We first professionally clean your teeth, and then we take impressions to use in creating a custom-fit tray for your whitening. This custom-fit tray ensures the best contact between your tooth surface and the whitening gel. Then we send you home with our whitening gel and instructions on how to use it. At home, you wear your tray with the gel for just 20 minutes a day for about one week, and your teeth are brighter, whiter, and gleaming!

How long will they stay white?

The effect of our at-home whitening program can last for up to three years. Of course, how long they stay white depends on how much coffee, etc. you drink and what you eat. To maintain their results, most of our patients touch up their smile once or twice a year using their at-home whitening trays. We simply provide additional whitening gel.

Want to give up the stains without giving up the coffee? Call Dr. Miller at 503-640-9310 and schedule your next cleaning followed by teeth whitening.

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