Easing the Fears with Sedation Dentistry

Sedation DentistryOne of the biggest misconceptions about modern dentistry is the pain involved. Long gone are the days where procedures such as filling a cavity or addressing issues with the gums involved a degree of pain. Modern anesthesia and techniques have eliminated much of the pain of any procedure. Still, perceptions die hard, and some people are terrified of going to the dentist. This fear causes them to skip regular exams for years at a time, leading to all sorts of oral health problems that could have been prevented.

To overcome this fear in his patients, Dr. Miller incorporates conscious IV sedation.

What is conscious IV sedation?

There are different types of sedation used in dentistry today. Some dentists use oral sedatives to help take the edge off. Dr. Miller believes this can make the proper amount of sedation difficult to ascertain for each patient. For this reason, he believes IV conscious sedation is a superior alternative.

By using an IV to deliver the sedative, Dr. Miller can precisely adjust the amount to exactly what you need. This allows you to be fully conscious and able to communicate with Dr. Miller, but it removes much of the anxiety that some patients suffer from.

Beyond tailoring the precise level of sedation, by using an IV, we can also deliver a reversal agent that brings you back to a normal state of consciousness in just a few minutes. This eliminates any lasting grogginess.

Dr. Miller and his staff are certified in all aspects of this type of sedation.

Where sedation dentistry can help

Some people are embarrassed by their fear, but there’s no reason for that. We simply want to be able to keep your dental hygiene to a high standard, and if you need some sedation to get comfortable, so be it.

Here are some characteristics of patients who can be helped by sedation:

  • You have high anxiety about dental visits.
  • You have had some traumatic dental situation in the past.
  • You have an overly strong gag reflex.
  • You have TMJ troubles, and keeping your mouth open for extended periods is a problem.
  • You’re afraid of needles.
  • You have very sensitive teeth.
  • The noises and smells of dental procedures bother you.
  • You have a lengthy procedure that needs to be done.

Don’t let anxiety keep you from having a beautiful smile. Let our sedation services help you at Dr. Miller’s. Call us at 503-640-9310 to make an appointment or ask any questions.


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