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When Should Your Child Come In?

If there’s one thing that is consistent with raising any child it’s that there rarely seems to be a spare moment. In all of this surrounding din of activity, it’s easy to forget that at some point you need to consider your child’s teeth. Dr. Miller treats entire families and when a newborn comes along […]

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Taking Out the Tooth, but Protecting the Jawbone

Many people have had a tooth extracted. For teens, it may be due to overcrowding before the placement of orthodontic devices. For others, the tooth may be overly damaged from trauma or have too much decay to save it. But Dr. Miller goes beyond simply providing the extraction. He also plans for the future of […]

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Fill ’er Up

“Fill ’em up.” Now that’s something you don’t hear anymore unless you like to talk to yourself. If you’re old enough to remember asking a service station attendant to fill up your car with gas, you’re probably old enough to have a few cavities. You may know them as cavities. But officially, they’re called caries. […]

Whiter Teeth Beyond the Red Wine

No one wants stained teeth. But in Oregon, we like our lattes, our red wine, and our blackberries, and all of these tasty offerings conspire to stain our teeth. But you don’t have to swear off all the good stuff to have whiter teeth; you simply need to see Dr. Miller for our in-home whitening […]

Dental FEAR Gene!

Do you have the dental fear gene? Dr. Miller and staff have many choices that make your dental experiences  comfortable. Please click the link below to learn more-

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Cleaning Beyond What You Can Do At Home

A good home dental hygiene program is critical to avoiding all sorts of dental issues. But it isn’t a substitute for professional twice-yearly cleanings and exams with Dr. Miller and his team. If you want to get downright technical about it, the term for these cleanings is oral prophylaxis, and it’s something you need to […]

The Root Canal — Is It Safe?

Root canal. There we said it. Wait, don’t run from the room screaming. If the ever-helpful root canal were any more misunderstood, it would be right in there with quantum physics. It’s as if too many people have seen the old movie Marathon Man, where the ex-Nazi doctor, played by Sir Lawrence Olivier drills into […]