If Your Body Should be Contoured, What About Your Gums?

After your eyes, your smile is generally the second thing most people notice when meeting a person for the first time. While healthy, white teeth are a necessity, how they are framed by the gums is equally important.

If your gums are positioned too low or too high on your teeth, you have an option for changing them — gum contouring with Dr. Miller. Also known as gum reshaping, contouring can make your gums proportional and finish off your smile.

Causes of uneven gums

Gum ContouringWhy do some people have “gummy” smiles while others do not? A number of things can cause your gums to be either too high or low. Gummy smiles come from a gumline that covers too much of the surface area of your teeth. These are usually the result of genetics, but can also be caused by certain health issues or prescription drugs.

Gums that are too high make your teeth appear longer and bigger. This is often the result of gum recession, a condition where the gum tissue pulls back from the tooth, exposing the tooth root. Gum recession can be a sign of periodontal disease.

The procedure

Gum contouring surgery with Dr. Miller is not complicated and results in almost no pain or swelling. Often, he performs contouring in conjunction with the placement of porcelain veneers to make the smile truly dazzling.

There’s no reason to put up with a gummy or asymmetrical smile any longer. Let Dr. Miller give you the balanced, beautiful smile you’ve long wished for. Call our office at 503-640-9310 to schedule your appointment or to ask any questions you may have about gum contouring.

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