Dentures with an Anchor

Implant Supported Dentures  Hillsboro, ORFull sets of dentures were long the option for replacing all of a patient’s teeth. The problem with them was always their function. While they looked good, full dentures were prone to slipping, plus the wearer had to be mindful of what he or she ate to be sure the dentures didn’t stick to or otherwise become dislodged by the food.

That’s why Dr. Miller prefers to support dentures with implants. This eliminates the problems of slippage and gives our patients extra confidence with their dentures.

Why dentures slip

Denture fit is a changing proposition. In some cases, the suction created onto the gums is adequate to provide a snug, confident fit. In other cases, however, the patient has been missing a majority of his or her teeth for a long enough period that there has been jawbone erosion and soft tissue loss. In these cases, the fit is a challenge. Also, dentures don’t provide stimulation to the jawbone beneath as normal tooth roots do, so wearing dentures day in and day out leads to further bone loss and a slipping fit of your dentures.

The solution is to anchor those dentures

Dr. Miller is a big fan of dental implants for a variety of reasons;

  • Implants functions just like natural teeth
  • They are anchored into the jawbone, and the bone fully encompasses the implant
  • They don’t require any special care or cleaning other than normal home hygiene
  • They can last for decades
  • Because the implant occupies the space of the former tooth root, it delivers the same bone stimulation that keeps the jawbone from eroding as a natural tooth does
  • They make excellent anchors for full or partial dentures

Implant-supported dentures

If a patient is missing all of his or her teeth, we like to place four implants into the roof of the mouth and four into the lower jaw. Dr. Miller finds that four implants adequately anchor a full denture, plus it provides four points of stimulation for the jawbone beneath. We can make these dentures permanent, anchoring them to the implants for the long term. Or, we can make your dentures removable, allowing you to click them onto or off of your implants for cleaning of other uses.

Put an end to slipping dentures with implant-supported dentures from Dr. Miller. Call us at 503-640-9310 to schedule a consultation and let’s give you back that confident smile you used to have.

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