The Importance of Good Oral Health


We’re all aware that we should brush our teeth twice a day, floss daily and see you dentist twice a year.  But now there is even more reason to take good care of our mouths; new advances in medical research have shown the link between periodontal disease and heart disease and stroke. The bacterium in our mouths gets released into our blood stream through inflamed gum tissues where it spreads throughout our body. To learn more about it, contact your dentist in Hillsboro.

They have also found a link between periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

So, if just having a great healthy smile isn’t enough reason to get you to see us twice a year.  Maybe  the long term health implications will make you think about us a little more often!  We want to be a part of your long term good health!   That is why we make you fill out that annoying health history every year, take your blood pressure at every appointment, and at your annual exam complete an oral cancer exam in addition to your regular check up.

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