A Qualified Provider for Dental Implants in the Portland Area

For the millions of Americans who’ve suffered tooth loss due to injury, decay, or disease, dental implants provide the best option in tooth replacement. When treatment is completed by a qualified professional such as Dr. James A. Miller, the success rate of a dental implant is among the highest for any restorative option in dentistry.

So what sets Dr. Miller apart from other dentists who offer dental implants in Portland, OR? Well, many of these general dentistry providers perform only the restoration of the implant, (the porcelain crown that sits above the gum-line), referring the surgical procedure to a qualified oral surgeon or periodontist. At the Hillsboro, OR office of Dr. Miller, we too believe in the benefits of coordinating treatment with the best local specialists when doing so will obviously produce the best results! However, in order to provide the most comprehensive dental care to our valued patients, Dr. Miller has invested much of his time completing a mini residency in implant dentistry and advanced bone grafting and sinus lifts at OHSU.

This saves our patients seeking dental implants in Portland the time and effort of being evaluated in two separate dental offices throughout the multi-phase implant process. It also simplifies the process, eliminating the need of correspondence and records-sharing between offices, greatly reducing the risk of error sometimes caused by the need for transfer of information.

So when you are searching for the most qualified dental provider for your dental implants in Portland, Hillsboro, and the surrounding area, consider whether the complete implant process can be completed in one comfortable office. Contact the Hillsboro office of Dr. James A. Miller today to learn more about dental implants in Portland!


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