We Don’t Take Your Crown Lightly

Everything seems to be in such a rush these days. But when it comes to the importance of your teeth — think about how much you use them every day — what’s the rush? Dr. Miller provides only porcelain crowns for his patients because they have the twofold benefit of optimal strength and beauty. Are they available the same day? No. Will you be proud and reassured by them every day. Yes.

For this reason, Dr. Miller works only with the very best laboratory technicians, only highly skilled ceramists. And he works with them on a one-on-one basis. He feels quality if far important than speed when it comes to a permanent part of your mouth.

When are crowns used?

Porcelain All-Ceramic CrownsA crown basically provides support and protection for a tooth that can no longer do that naturally. If there is significant decay, or if a tooth is cracked or otherwise damaged, a crown can provide a permanent solution.

When we use crowns:

• To replace a large filling that is beginning to affect tooth structure
• To anchor a bridge when replacing a missing tooth or teeth
• To restore teeth that are already broken
• To cover a badly shaped, or thoroughly discolored tooth

“Capping” the problem

Crowns used to be commonly known as caps because that’s what they do — cover or “cap” the damaged, decayed, or worn surface of the tooth. But these constructions have a crucial role in your long-term dental health. That’s why Dr. Miller is so particular about the aesthetics and fit of your crown.

Think about the bite force you apply when you chew. Great pressure is exerted onto your teeth and down into your jawbone. Creating a crown isn’t just about covering a bad tooth; it’s about re-creating the proper occlusal relationships and tooth anatomy, including the natural sharp cusps that are characteristics of young teeth. Same-day crowns can only mimic the worn tooth in its present state, not return it to its former, more useful shape.

Caring for your teeth isn’t just our job; it’s our passion at Dr. Miller’s practice. Call us, 503-640-9310, and let’s discuss how to deliver beautiful, functional dental work that lasts a lifetime.

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