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Easing the Fears with Sedation Dentistry

One of the biggest misconceptions about modern dentistry is the pain involved. Long gone are the days where procedures such as filling a cavity or addressing issues with the gums involved a degree of pain. Modern anesthesia and techniques have eliminated much of the pain of any procedure. Still, perceptions die hard, and some people […]

High Anxiety Doesn’t Need to Be Your Trip to Our Office

There are things to be afraid of: clowns, various Presidential candidates, sea monkeys, haggis, your mother-in-law, and Survivor 27. Coming to see Dr. Miller for a cleaning and exam shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Dr. Miller offers sedation for his patients who need it. Some people, whether it’s due to a past bad […]

You’re Feeling Very Sleeeeeeeeeepy — Sedation Dentistry

Despite living in the Pacific Northwest where we are all supposedly laid back, some people have serious anxiety attacks when it comes to visiting the dentist. And this doesn’t only apply to hour-long procedures, but to anything as simple as a routine cleaning. Maybe they watched Marathon Man one too many times in their youth […]