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The Root Canal — Is It Safe?

Root canal. There we said it. Wait, don’t run from the room screaming. If the ever-helpful root canal were any more misunderstood, it would be right in there with quantum physics. It’s as if too many people have seen the old movie Marathon Man, where the ex-Nazi doctor, played by Sir Lawrence Olivier drills into […]

Lose the Decay, Save the Tooth — Root Canals

Root canal. If there’s a phrase that brings instant horror into the hearts of the masses it’s “root canal.” You’d think the procedure was akin to being put on the rack the way people fear it. But the reality of a root canal done by Dr. Miller is far different. Modern root canals don’t involve […]

The Tooth You Save May Just Be Your Own — Root Canals

Everyone hates to hear certain phrases: “Your mother-in-law is going to move in with us.” “Our flight will be a little bit delayed.” “The boss wants to see you, in private.” Or “You need to have a root canal.” Instantly people conjure up images of the scene from Marathon Man where the evil Nazi doctor […]