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National Pet Dental Month!!!

Dr. James Miller’s loves all pets and wants you to remember February is National Pet Dental Month! Learn more at the link below-

Please Help Amy-Thanh Do!

Our beloved dental assistant Amy-Thanh Do (who has been with Dr. Miller’s dental office for over 35 years ) was diagnosed with acute myloid leukemia on Oct 7th, 2016. She was immediately hospitalized and began chemo treatment a few days later. Its been 3 weeks now, and she is not able to return to work. […]

Oh, the Things We Do to Our Teeth

Our teeth are little enameled stalwarts, constantly fighting off bacteria and plaque trying to become tartar, all while chewing up the foods you need to survive. You’d think we’d give them some respect. Instead, we torture them with some seriously bad behaviors and choices. Dr. Miller always wants his patients to think prevention first. To […]

Dental Implants Portland OR

Dr Miller has spent the past three years completing a mini residency in implant dentistry and advanced bone grafting and sinus lifts at OHSU. We are very excited about being able to offer our patients the best treatment options for replacing missing teeth! What are dental implants? Quite simply dental implants are the closest thing […]

Where to Find Great Gifts for Women!

Searching for gifts can be an exhausting process – you know it, we know it. If the giftee happens to be a woman, you’re in luck! We have compiled an online guide to alleviate your search and help you find a creative gift for your sister, daughter, friend, significant other, aunt, coworker, or whoever that […]