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Say No to Snoring and Sleep Apnea

If that person snoring night after night next to you is making you contemplate divorce or homicide at 3:12 a.m. every night, it may be time to have your snorer visit Dr. Miller. In addition to our wide assortment of dental procedures, Dr. Miller also helps people overcome their snoring and sleep apnea issues. Sawing […]

Gingivitis Beyond the Listerine Commercials

Gingivitis is an ad copywriter’s dream. It sounds ominous, formidable. And no one really knows what it is. So, if you say your product cures it, voila, you have sales. Can you say Listerine? Beyond the commercials, let’s get down to what gingivitis really is and what you need to do about it. What is […]

The Tooth You Save May Just Be Your Own — Root Canals

Everyone hates to hear certain phrases: “Your mother-in-law is going to move in with us.” “Our flight will be a little bit delayed.” “The boss wants to see you, in private.” Or “You need to have a root canal.” Instantly people conjure up images of the scene from Marathon Man where the evil Nazi doctor […]

You’re Feeling Very Sleeeeeeeeeepy — Sedation Dentistry

Despite living in the Pacific Northwest where we are all supposedly laid back, some people have serious anxiety attacks when it comes to visiting the dentist. And this doesn’t only apply to hour-long procedures, but to anything as simple as a routine cleaning. Maybe they watched Marathon Man one too many times in their youth […]

The Toothy Facts About Dental Implants

Most people have heard about dental implants. They’ve been around quite awhile. In fact, archeological digs have unearthed implanted seashells and ivory in the jawbone of ancient Mayans and Egyptians. The history of the modern dental implant can be traced back to 1952. Swedish orthopedic surgeon, Per-Ingvar Branemark, was studying bone healing and regeneration. He […]

Bad Breath? It Takes More Than Mouthwash

Bad breath – everyone worries about having it, but many people don’t really know what the causes behind it are… and what that breath can be telling you. There are dozens of things that can cause bad breath. Almost all of those issues can be addressed and corrected easily. Some of the options include: Hygiene […]

The Quick Solution to Many Cosmetic Dental Problems

Straight teeth without any gaps, chips, or stains? Everyone wants that. But for some people with various cosmetic dental issues, they don’t have the time or the cash to go through all of the procedures needed to correct the problems. That’s where porcelain veneers come in. Like the veneers that you find on furniture, porcelain […]

Patient Testimonials


I had a substantial portion of my teeth crowned to correct my bite and restore teeth 25 years prior to the recent full mouth restoration done by Dr. Miller. I had a conversation with Dr. Miller to discuss the options to correct current dental problems and to replace well-used teeth and restorations. When I made the decision to proceed, I was looking for a functional and healthy mouth. Little did I know that Dr. Miller would turn me into a ‘smile show-off’.

– Gary


Dr. Miller is more than a Dentist, more than a Cosmetic Dentist… he is an artist!”            

– David


In spite of wearing braces twice and having had a great deal of dental work done, including bonding and crowns, I was so displeased with the appearance of my teeth that I would sometimes have nightmares about them. Then my next-door neighbor started sporting this new, beautiful smile. I HAD to query him. His father, being a perfectionist, had been seeing Dr. Miller who succeeded in completely transforming his appearance!

– Denise