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You Can’t Shout Out These Stains

While various stain removal products are continually touting removing stains from your clothes, what about your teeth? With the amount of coffee we drink in Portland, it’s impossible not to stain our teeth. Fortunately Dr. Miller provides an excellent at-home whitening program that whitens your teeth easily and effectively. Why do my teeth become stained […]

Oral Cancer

Everyone knows about cancer, but usually the more notable varieties: breast, colon, lung, skin, etc. But oral cancer is a serious issue and shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, oral cancer is the #11 cause of cancer mortality. Oral cancer includes cancer of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, and the hard palate. If […]

Give Your Dentures Some Support

Dental implants are an awesome development in dental care. They provide the strongest, most natural option for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. But implants can also be used to anchor dentures, providing increased stability and reducing the need for bulky framework on the dentures. Dr. Miller provides both individual implants, and implant-supported dentures. Why […]

Rebuilding Your Receding Gums

Some of our patients have receding gums, or are at risk of future gum recession. In these cases Dr. Miller is one of the few dentists who can perform connective tissue grafting to rebuild the gums. Why would a person need connective tissue grafting? Gum recession can occur for various reasons. Mild recession, which usually […]

Take-Home Whitening, Not Pizza

Portland is such a beautiful, happy place that we think people probably want to go out and smile about it. But if their teeth are stained from all the coffee we drink, they may think twice about flashing their smiles. And that’s a shame! At our practice, we’ve found that take-home whitening is the way […]

Caries On My Wayward Tooth

OK, those aren’t exactly the lyrics of that overwrought Kansas song from the 70s, but they would work if they were singing about your tooth filled with decay. Caries. It’s the most common form of oral disease known to man, dental caries. The process of getting caries is called tooth decay. You may know them […]

Oh, the Things We Do to Our Teeth

Our teeth are little enameled stalwarts, constantly fighting off bacteria and plaque trying to become tartar, all while chewing up the foods you need to survive. You’d think we’d give them some respect. Instead, we torture them with some seriously bad behaviors and choices. Dr. Miller always wants his patients to think prevention first. To […]

Filling the Gap and Why You Need to Do It

Some people think only those living in the backwoods of West Virginia are missing a bunch of their teeth. Truth be told, none other than the esteemed American Dental Association says that 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. And, wait for it, 35 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. You […]

Good Food for Good Teeth

At Dr. Miller’s practice, the whole team is committed to preventing issues with your dental health. Now that could seem counterintuitive. After all, if everyone had perfect teeth and practiced prevention then who would need a dentist? That, of course, is far from reality in the world of dental health. Whether it’s lax home hygiene, […]

You Won’t Find This Type of Enamel on Your Door Moldings

Here’s a question for you. What’s the hardest tissue in the human body? Now, if you’re on Venice Beach you’ll have plenty of muscleheads flexing and showing you their answer. But they’d be wrong. Your tooth enamel is the hardest tissue on your body. There is no way you guessed that! Tooth enamel consists mainly […]

Patient Testimonials


I had a substantial portion of my teeth crowned to correct my bite and restore teeth 25 years prior to the recent full mouth restoration done by Dr. Miller. I had a conversation with Dr. Miller to discuss the options to correct current dental problems and to replace well-used teeth and restorations. When I made the decision to proceed, I was looking for a functional and healthy mouth. Little did I know that Dr. Miller would turn me into a ‘smile show-off’.

– Gary


Dr. Miller is more than a Dentist, more than a Cosmetic Dentist… he is an artist!”            

– David


In spite of wearing braces twice and having had a great deal of dental work done, including bonding and crowns, I was so displeased with the appearance of my teeth that I would sometimes have nightmares about them. Then my next-door neighbor started sporting this new, beautiful smile. I HAD to query him. His father, being a perfectionist, had been seeing Dr. Miller who succeeded in completely transforming his appearance!

– Denise