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gum disease Hillsboro, OR

Gingivitis, the Scary Word that No One Knows the Meaning of

We don’t even realize it, but we’re continually under siege from advertisers. In Portland, one of the world’s most famous ad agencies, Wieden & Kennedy, probably even had something to do with it. The only way most of us have ever heard the word “gingivitis” is from advertising. Listerine has long used the phrase, “Listerine […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Hillsboro, OR

A Better Way to Deal with Sleep Apnea — TAP

Most people snore at least some of the time when sleeping. Sure your wife claims never to snore, blaming the dog when a recording of her snoring surfaces. Some people snore when they have a little congestion or are on their back. Others aren’t just occasional snorers; they have sleep apnea. Most people with sleep […]

Full Mouth Rejuvenation Hillsboro, OR

Bringing Back Your Oral Health with Full-Mouth Rejuvenation

In cases where a patient has a variety of oral health issues, full-mouth rejuvenation may be in order. Teeth may be missing. Others may be severely decayed. There may be varying degrees of gum disease. There may be problems with your bite. The majority of the patient’s teeth may need some attention, and Dr. Miller’s […]

pediatric dentistry Hillsboro, OR

Don’t Let Linus Be a Roll Model

We’re supposed to be laid back in Portland. But if you have kids worrying is one of the realities of the job of parenting. And when it comes to your child’s teeth, you may be wondering about thumb sucking. Is he or she sucking their thumb too much? Should they have stopped by now? Are […]

dental hygiene Hillsboro, OR

Fun with Fluoride

Like butter in a Food Network recipe, fluoride is in just about all dental hygiene products. If you check the labels on your toothpaste and mouthwashes, you’ll find fluoride listed. It’s even in the material used to fill cavities in baby teeth. And, despite the nut jobs that believe it to be a communist conspiracy, […]

General Dentistry Hillsboro, OR

What’s the Deal with Tartar?

Although putting the stuff on a fresh king salmon is paramount to sacrilege, if you ever had fish sticks at school as a kid, odds are you also had tartar sauce to make them more palatable. But when it comes to your dental health, Dr. Miller isn’t worried about your condiment choices; he’s worried about […]

Implant Supported Dentures Hillsboro, OR

Dentures with an Anchor

Full sets of dentures were long the option for replacing all of a patient’s teeth. The problem with them was always their function. While they looked good, full dentures were prone to slipping, plus the wearer had to be mindful of what he or she ate to be sure the dentures didn’t stick to or […]

Porcelain Veneers Hillsboro, OR

Veneers, but not from Ikea

Everyone loves to traipse around the Portland Ikea store, heading from fully laid out room to fully laid out room and ending with a plate of Swedish meatballs in the restaurant. Ikea has known for its affordable furniture, and much of it relies on veneers. A dresser will have a thin veneer of a fine […]

pediatric dentistry Hillsboro, OR

When Should Your Child Come In?

If there’s one thing that is consistent with raising any child it’s that there rarely seems to be a spare moment. In all of this surrounding din of activity, it’s easy to forget that at some point you need to consider your child’s teeth. Dr. Miller treats entire families and when a newborn comes along […]

Patient Testimonials


I had a substantial portion of my teeth crowned to correct my bite and restore teeth 25 years prior to the recent full mouth restoration done by Dr. Miller. I had a conversation with Dr. Miller to discuss the options to correct current dental problems and to replace well-used teeth and restorations. When I made the decision to proceed, I was looking for a functional and healthy mouth. Little did I know that Dr. Miller would turn me into a ‘smile show-off’.

– Gary


Dr. Miller is more than a Dentist, more than a Cosmetic Dentist… he is an artist!”            

– David


In spite of wearing braces twice and having had a great deal of dental work done, including bonding and crowns, I was so displeased with the appearance of my teeth that I would sometimes have nightmares about them. Then my next-door neighbor started sporting this new, beautiful smile. I HAD to query him. His father, being a perfectionist, had been seeing Dr. Miller who succeeded in completely transforming his appearance!

– Denise